lundi 21 octobre 2013

Le dessinateur

En attendant l augmentation de mes économies  pour me racheter un appareil
 je me suis lancé dans le dessin sur iPhone pour illustrer mon quotidien qui n'est autre que vélo boulot dodo ;)

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mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Tadaima, but not in LA not in Montilliers ... in Canada for a year !

So since the last article (LA in april) I went back to France after that, worked 3 months and went back to LA for almost 2 months.

Today I am in Toronto, I moved there with a working holiday visa for a year. I have been here for 1 week and half trying to find myself in this new country.

After 1000 emails I finally got a job (not real job though) in a French restaurant...
This is my first job I hope to find something in property management later.
So you got it I came here and going to work with French all day long, that was not my plan but I will do my best to find extra activities like learning japanese (my first class is in 2 weeks), improving my photo skills (first I need a new film camera since the last one didn't like the water) and playing some basketball.

I will keep posting some french article bust mostly pictures and maybe my japanese improvements if there are.

So here are some pictures of this summer in France and LA  "c'était パーフェクト" 

25th Friend's bday (Hippie theme bday)

Summer in L.A

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